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McRory Pediatrics - Parent/Caregiver Services

Services for Parents/Caregivers

ABA Parent Training

Our 16-Hour ABA Parent Training Classes are designed for caregivers that have children exhibiting challenging behaviors. Parents learn how to identify variables that contribute to their child's challenging behavior, the function of the behavior and what to do about them. Parents also learn effective strategies to use when teaching children new skills.

“You people are miracle workers! ABA works for us as a family. In a few days you got 2-hour tantrums to less than 8 minutes daily; I am a believer. We are blessed as a family to have landed at McRory. I really liked the class . . . I wish it was longer!"

~ Suzie (Parent)

McRory Pediatrics - ABA Parent Training
McRory Pediatrics - Parent Education and Counseling

Parent Education & Counseling Services

Our counseling services encompass individual therapy, couples therapy and support groups that provide positive support and supplemental education for parents of children with special needs. Our individual therapy services assist with understanding and processing of your child's disability and/or diagnosis, offer support during a time of crisis, reinforce positive coping skills/stress management, facilitate the grieving process, and empower parents to advocate for and support early intervention services.

Our couples therapy explores strategies to take care of your marriage, provides education on parenting skills/strategies, provides support working as a parenting team, and facilitates improved communication and relational skills.

Our support groups  run for 14 sessions, and provide opportunities for parents to share information, resources and ideas with other parents, as well as provide a forum for parents to relieve loneliness and form new friendships.

"Thank you so much for your care and support, of not only Sammy but for the entire family. Thank you for loving Sammy and taking such good care of him, and thank you for all that you have taught him, the advice that you have given me, as well as the tips and tons of information. You will be greatly missed."

~ Sammy's Mother

Hanen Parent Training Programs

These family-focused programs for parents are led by Hanen Certified speech-language pathologists. Through the use of activities and group discussions, small groups of parents learn to create and take advantage of everyday opportunities to improve their child’s communication skills. All Hanen Programs® use a combination of group training sessions (where only parents and the SLP are present) and individual consultations with the SLP (in which the child is present). This provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience for each family participating in the program. We offer the following Hanen Programs: More Than Words, It Takes Two to Talk, TalkAbility, and Target Words.

“We wanted to say 'Thank you' for all of your support, dedication and hard work. You have given us priceless tools to help Dustin talk. I will always be extremely grateful to you and your wonderful staff. I know it can be difficult teaching Hanen classes after a long day of work."

~ Linnae & Paul M. (Parents)

McRory Pediatrics - Hanen Parent Training
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