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McRory Pediatrics - Group Programs

Group Programs for Children

Social Skills Training Classes

Good social skills enable children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults. Learning social skills is the foundation for social and academic success. There are many children who experience challenges relating to others. They may have poor empathy, or have poor emotional management skills and struggle with basic social rules. It is difficult to watch children struggle with peers, sometimes being teased, ignored or rejected. We strive to assist children in developing the necessary skills required to establish and maintain friendships through our dynamic classes for children ages 3-18 years.

“Jenny really loves to come to her social skills group at McRory Pediatric Services. She loves to come play and have snacks with her friends. They keep the children really engaged with lots of fun activities. It’s also nice to connect with the other parents.”

~ Joann B. (Parent)

McRory Pediatrics - Social Skills Training
McRory Pediatrics - Sibling Workshops


Our Sibshops celebrate the many contributions of sisters and brothers who have a sibling with special needs. We provide participants ages 7-12 years old the opportunity to meet other siblings, share common joys and concerns, learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by those with special needs, learn more about the implications of their siblings needs, and allow parents to learn more about the concerns and opportunities frequently experienced by siblings during our 6 week program.

"It offers relief and helps to understand what is happening with your sib, and is fun to play the games. Also, it's fun to meet people with sibs with special needs like us."

~ E.G. (Sibshop participant)

Jump Start Early Intervention Program

Our Jump Start Program is an intensive early intervention program designed for children 12 months to 3 years of age, that are diagnosed with global developmental delays. The program utilizes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach designed to enhance overall development within the areas of communication, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, social-emotional and self-help domains. The program offers daily speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, child development and parent training services. Parents and caregivers are considered an integral part of the therapy team, and participate in the goal planning and the overall treatment process. Additionally caregivers receive on-going support and training through daily program participation, weekly parent education classes, team meetings, and regular home visits. Our program goal is to provide a supportive framework needed to provide families with an understanding of overall child development, their own child's unique needs, along with the tools necessary to carry out treatment goals and strategies within the home and community.

"Thank you to you and your staff. We are so lucky to have found McRory. It was so important to me that Nathan be given a strong foundation in his early years and McRory has provided that in more ways then I ever imagined.

You all do such a great job and I am always awed when I observe Circle Time and break-out sessions how hard you and your staff work with the kids. It is a very difficult and challenging job and you all perform with such grace and humility. So, thank you for all you have done for our Little Nathan Benjamin. Your work & sacrifice will be reflected in everything he does throughout his life."

~ David M. (Parent)

McRory Pediatrics - Early Intervention
McRory Pediatrics - Integrated Therapeutic Services

Integrated Therapeutic Services Preschool

Our ITS Program is certified through the California State Department of Education and provides an integrative framework of intensive therapy including ABA/DTT, speech-language therapy and occupational therapy. Our program strives to enhance the communication, social, self-help, play, academic, sensory processing, visual perceptual and motor skills of each child using a combination of individual, small group and large group instruction.

“Thank you for all of your support, caring and kindness that you and your staff have provided over the years. Our son has blossomed immensely during his time in ITS."

~ The Smith Family

Building Bridges Program

Our Building Bridges Program is an intensive 1:1 early intervention program for young children ages 18 months to 3 years of age that have been diagnosed with autism or who are at risk for autism or related disorders. The program utilizes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach designed to enhance the overall social-emotional, behavior, communication, self-help, motor, play and cognitive development in young children. The program offers daily systematic instruction,  speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and parent education/training.

“Our son’s diagnosis and experience have taught us so much about vulnerability and continue to test our faith and love in God, but we will always have faith in our son. Thanks for believing in him and pushing him to achieve his full potential and new heights. Although we are only at the beginning of this journey, you have all had a positive impact for which we will always be forever grateful. We feel for our beautiful, sweet children and two, for the support of team McRory.”

~ G & N (Parents)

McRory Pediatrics - Building Bridges Program
McRory Pediatrics - Feeding Clinic

Feeding Clinic

Our feeding clinic is designed to accommodate the unique needs of each child and their family. Whether your child is experiencing difficulty accepting and swallowing different food textures, throwing tantrums at mealtime, refusing to eat certain food groups, refusing to eat any solids or liquids, is chocking or vomiting when eating, or is Gastrostomy (G-Tube) or Naso-gastric (NG-Tube) dependent, our team of specialists can measurably improve your child's appropriate eating behavior so that mealtime can become family time again.

Our clinic is comprised of an interdisciplinary team which includes a licensed occupational therapist with a specialty in feeding and advanced practice in swallowing assessment, evaluation and intervention; a licensed speech-language pathologist with VitalStim certification; a board-certified behavior analyst; and a marriage & family therapist. Caregivers of children who are not developing normal feeding skills may require a more specialized treatment program. Our program will teach you about normal feeding development, portion size, caloric intake requirements, texture progression, feeding strategies (e.g., positioning, specialized equipment), as well as how to respond to any inappropriate mealtime behaviors.

"I can't begin to say enough great things about the feeding program at McRory. In a short period of time with some dedication and the help of our OT, Hannah, our son's rigidities and sensory issues have decreased immensely and he is slowly exploring new foods while also tolerating having at least one bite of a new item. We had a strong support system at the facility and also in our home. Between feeding plans and cooking recipes, they were with me through every meal, every day, guiding myself and my son. From one parent to another, trust the process and you will see an amazing outcome for your little one too. Thank you McRory for your support, love, and guidance through this journey."

~ Kaitlin P. (Parent)

Healthy Relationships & Sexuality Course

Our Healthy Relationships & Sexuality Course is for children ages 12-21 years old, and focuses on providing positive self-esteem, through the development of a healthy self-image. This course covers topics such as types of relationships, anatomy, sexual health, and communication within relationships. The goal of this course is to give accurate information and have discussions that will help individuals make positive, healthy decisions about sexuality.

"My son just finished up the Healthy Relationships course offered at McRory for teens. It was great! My son enjoyed it and made some new friends as well."

~ Suzanne M. (Parent)

McRory Pediatrics - Healthy Relationships Course
McRory Pediatrics - ABA Communities

ABA Communities

Do you have unused ABA hours? If so, join us on Saturday's and during school breaks for our ABA clinics in your local community. Groups of up to 8 children will receive 1:1 support by a behavior technician while they work to foster play and social skills. Groups will be lead by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and will be held from 10:00AM-12:00Noon.

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