2020 Employees of the Month


Tarzana's March Employee of the Month

Maria took on a very challenging case, and has turned it into a success story. She is quick to step in when necessary to provide behavioral support to her client, but is also comfortable in stepping back to allow for independence. Maria always collaborates with the teacher, and makes sure to support all staff members when they interact with her client so that her client can get the most out of each interaction. She is eager to learn, and to better herself by taking on challenging cases, and then working towards her RBT certificate all while maintaining a positive attitude and a smile on her face.


Some fun facts about Maria are…

  • She has been a Disneyland annual pass holder for 7 years

  • She enjoys going hiking on the weekend with her dog Rosie

  • She has never been camping but plans to go to Sequoia this summer

  • She is also a foodie so she love trying new restaurants especially mom and pop places


What she likes about working at Mcrory is the support, communication and encouragement that she receives from all hersupervisors. She enjoys working with her clients and families and helping them become the best that they can be.


Valencia's March Employee of the Month

Veronica is an amazing Clinical Supervisor in Valencia and has worked at McRory Pediatrics for over 10 years! Veronica goes above and beyond to make birthdays, potlucks, holidays and events special for all employees. She is a team player, always has a smile on her face and has a positive attitude.  Veronica is willing to help others, making the time to speak with team members, clients and families. Veronica is also very flexible, when we were limited on space in Valencia she willingly volunteered to give up her office space to allow another employee to treat clients.   


Fun facts about Veronica are…

  • In her free time, she loves to go off-roading with her kids.

  • She loves to stay up late crafting, while eating hot Cheetos!

  • In her quiet hours, she loves to take naps with her 2-year-old.

  • Veronica is a wiz with the cricut! She is very crafty.

Veronica truly enjoys working with families to provide parent support and counseling.

Tarzana's February Employee of the Month

Carolina is a case manager who makes everyone feel important and like a vital member of the team. She recognizes the value in each and every person and makes sure that everyone knows it too. Carolina stays present in the moment when she is supervising her sessions. Her feedback is direct and you can tell she genuinely wants you to learn from that feedback to benefit your growth as a therapist. She has also been known to speak with an accent to mimic a child’s favorite character and to help get them engaged in their session. No matter what kind of day she is having, Carolina is always there to greet you with a big smile.


Fun facts about Carolina:

  • She used to powerlift competitively and misses doing so!

  • In her free time she loves to read fiction and watch sci-fy or crime shows!

  • She plans to visit the Galapagos Islands! (one day...)

Carolina feels passionate about helping her clients and their families live their absolute best lives! One of her favorite things about working at McRory is knowing that she is thoroughly supported by her clinical supervisor. Carolina loves working with clients directly and learning from them on a daily basis. Lastly, she loves that she gets to teach others about the "magic" of behavior analysis.


 Valencia's February Employee of the Month

Dana has done an amazing job as a Physical Therapist in our company. She has a unique ability to truly listen and empathize with our families to develop treatment plans that are client-centered and creative.  Dana is always open to collaborating with other disciplines and always contributes her ideas, time, and creativity with enthusiasm and passion.  


Fun facts about Dana:

  • She moved here from St. Louis, Missouri and she is a BIG fan of Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey. You'll find her at the game if they ever play nearby.

  • She loves to travel, but she especially enjoys exploring LA and the surrounding cities. Her husband and her like to find local microbreweries and try different craft beers.

  • In Dana’s free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking. She always listens to podcasts, particularly topics of self-development, comedy, and true crime. 

Dana has always loved working with kids but never saw herself as a Pediatric PT. She originally wanted to be a Physical Therapist for a professional sports team, but the kiddos stole her heart when she started clinical rotations. Dana absolutely loves working at McRory, particularly with the Jump Start program. Early intervention is her favorite because she feels it is amazing to be able to collaborate with a team of therapists who collectively treat patients and give them the best possible care. 



Tarzana's January Employee of the Month

As a member of the Tarzana Jump Start Team, Adriana demonstrates commitment to all she does through her words and actions. She is a dedicated team member and shows up in every aspect of the Jump Start program, whether working with the clients, educating parents or contributing ideas and activities for the enhancement of the quality of the program, Adriana brings it on a consistent basis. She is always open to additional tasks when asked and has volunteered in multiple capacities for the company as a whole. Adriana's positive attitude, openness and willingness exemplifies what being a McRory team member is all about. She is greatly appreciated as part of the team!


Fun facts about Adriana:

  • Recently she went to her first escape room and loved it! 

  • Her favorite thing to do during her free time is going to museums and all types of cultural events. 

  • During the week she volunteers in pediatrics at a local hospital.

  • She is part of a non-profit organization providing therapeutic art activities to children who have been victims of abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness throughout Los Angeles County. With the goal to foster creativity, self-expression, and positive socialization. 

  • She love watching movies, tv shows & documentaries. She cries unashamedly, in sad movies.

  • Coffee & chocolate croissant, are her favorite combo!

Adriana likes working at McRory because she admires the dedication and passion of her coworkers, along with the wonderful families and children we serve. Seeing families and children’s progress and grow, it is a unique experience that she is grateful to be part of it every day. The multidisciplinary support, collaboration, enthusiasm, and inclusiveness does make a difference in the lives of young children, their families and everyone around. 


Valencia's  January Employee of the Month

Tamara has done an amazing job of stepping in for Natalya as a stand-in supervisor!  She puts valuable time and thought into all of our speech department meetings and is always ready for the various questions.  Even though her office is in the other suite, she takes time to come to each of our offices and check in about how work is going (or anything else we might want to talk about).  I admire her poise and the ease with which she took on the additional responsibility of supervising the team.


Fun facts about Tamara:

  • In her free time she enjoys being outside and going on a walk or hike.

  • She loves being a tourist in her own city.  She takes advantage of all the delicious restaurants, beaches, museums and fun events happing in Los Angeles. Most recently, she has been using her drive time to work to listen to many podcasts of various topics such as speech therapy, faith and religion, self-transformational, and comedy.  

  • She volunteers her time as a coordinator for the Young Adult group at her church, which brings her a lot of joy!


What Tamara loves most about working at McRory is being a part of my fabulous Jump Start team. She enjoys seeing her clients daily and being able to see the little moments of progress throughout the week that add up to significant life-long changes by the time they turn three years old. She also feels blessed to have such incredible co-workers that she can call friends that make the work environment fun and a constant learning environment!

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