2021 Employees of the Month

Tarzana's April Employee of the Month

Lee Ann Gan

 Lee Ann is an invaluable part of the OT/PT and overall McRory Team. She works endlessly to keep our department organized and functioning smoothly. Lee Ann's friendly personality, straight-talk sensibility, and fun personality make it easy for clinicians, staff, and families to feel comfortable with her. The OT Department has grown in number, quality, and professionalism thanks to much of the systemic work Lee Ann has provided. She's our rock and our department, nor company, wouldn't be the same without her.



Fun facts about Lee Ann are…


  • Lee Ann believes it is important to find balance between hang time with friends/family and "ME time".

  • She loves to travel, hike, camp and days at the beach. She is all about packing a bag and heading out- and she needs more of all of the above!

  • She likes to snowboard, check out breweries and new food spots, thrifting and retail therapy.

  • She is into martial arts, boxing, eskrima- all the action!

  • During the pandemic, she picked up hula and tahitian dancing- aloha! 



What she loves most about Mcrory is her MPS fam! She loves teaching, learning and working with all of the staff, clinicians, kids and families- and having a good time while she’s doing it! All of it together is what drives her to keep growing as a person, professional, and as a therapist. ❤


Valencia's April Employee of the Month

Hannah Goldner

Hannah is an Occupational Therapist at the Valencia clinic. Her welcoming personality makes her accessible to anyone who speaks with her, whether it be a fellow OT, PT, Speech Therapist, or family members of our kiddos. Hannah has always been available and ready to collaborate when sharing clients. She excels as a team player, and if ever asked a question, she always has an idea readily available.  Hannah once answered a question about a family whose little one was having trouble with eczema. She provided great solutions and offered a scent-free lotion option the family could try. The family was very pleased with her suggestion!



Fun facts about Hannah are…


  • She's not partial to theme park rides but once convinced herself to jump out of a helicopter (with a parachute, of course!) 

  • During quarantine she joined a choir and is excited to experience in-person rehearsals some day 

  • She goes to the farmers market every week - it's her happy place!

  • In her free time she loves to cook and bake vegan treats, hike and go for walks, listen to podcasts, and travel 


She loves working at McRory for the collaborative work environment and team approach. Her favorite parts about being a pediatric OT at McRory are getting to witness celebratory moments when her clients hit milestones that they've worked so hard to reach, and hearing caregivers excitedly share about their kiddos continuing to use those skills at home and out in the community even long after they've been discharged. 




Tarzana's March Employee of the Month

Tiffany Lagerstrom

Tiffany  is a very hardworking and dedicated Case Manager who has been a great addition to the ABA Supervisory Department. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills as she effectively trains her staff as well as the caregivers she works with. She works very hard in identifying and implementing the most effective and appropriate interventions for each of her clients. She researches and looks to other providers for support outside her scope and continues to participate in collaboration meetings with her colleagues contributing valuable information to the team. Tiffany brings out the McRory Pediatrics spirit with her dedication and willingness to continue to go above and beyond to best support her clients and her staff!


Fun facts about Tiffany are…

  • She's getting married in August!

  • In her free time, you can find her reading, practicing calligraphy, or watching a true crime documentary.

  • She survived a flash flood while camping once!



What she loves most about Mcrory is to track the child's measurable progress and know that she is a part of it! Equipping parents to implement strategies of ABA is also so rewarding to her. The collaborative spirit at McRory is truly unique and Tiffany believes she’s lucky to be surrounded by so many professionals, from different disciplines, who are all committed to the child's success. McRory is a place to keep learning and growing!



Valencia's March Employee of the Month

Jenn Heckel

Jenn has been valued team member through her growth from the BB Mentorship program into her role as BCBA Supervisor.  Jenn has always had a strong passion for clinic-based services and has been instrumental in helping start the ABA Clinic Program in Valencia. She has gone above and beyond in dedicating her time and efforts in ensuring that it is running smoothly. She is an asset to the behavior department and deserves recognition of all the hard work and care she puts forth in supporting and providing quality services for the families and children in which she works with.  

 Fun facts about Jenn are…

  • She has donated over 30 inches of hair to cancer patients

  • She was homeschooled 3rd grade through high school.

  • She used to raise and show animals in 4-H. (horses, sheep, pigs, goats and rabbits)


In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her 2 cats and watching Friends or Harry Potter, going to the archery range with her compound bow and watching American football. Go Broncos!


What she loves about McRory is the leadership and mentorship opportunities that is offered for employees to grow within their current departments or a new department and the family values this company brings to all employees. 

Tarzana's February Employee of the Month

Dana Beason

Dana has so graciously stepped into the role of Intake Coordinator at the start of COVID and really has just knocked it out of the ball park. Her interactions with families are phenomenal.....she really insures a great first impression and makes both parents and kids feel so welcome! She is personable with the families and kiddos, greets the kiddos by name as soon as they get off the elevator, and motivates the Administrative Team to match that personableness. Dana has also done an amazing job with the referrals and getting new clients scheduled timely and juggling therapists' schedules to accommodate new client availability.

Dana is always willing to help other Team Members, even when she is busy herself. She works very well with the Supervisors in the programs and different departments to make sure schedules are planned out and referrals run smoothly. She is also an amazing team player with the whole Admin Team. She is supportive, positive, and dedicated to making sure others feel supported by her.

Dana's positiveness at the front desk is contagious to all and is a great example of "McRory Proud". She encourages employees, parents, and kiddos to have a great day and does whatever she can to help make that happen.


Fun facts about Dana are…

  • She started at McRory Pediatrics working as a Behavior Technician.

  • In her free time she loves spending time with her kids and husband.



Dana loves working at McRory for so many reasons.  She truly feels lucky to have the amazing co-workers and friends to work with. Also, seeing all of the kids and the progress that they make is so inspiring to her on so many levels. 



 Valencia's February Employee of the Month

Ariel Hale

Ariel has been a Rockstar ever since Day 1 of her becoming a Case Manager. She works extremely hard at learning, understanding, and practicing every facet of being a supervisor. She takes on every challenge with a unique mix of confidence and exuberance, and has been a wonderful example to those around her. Ariel is awesome to work with and watch grow!


Ariel's communication skills are off the charts-  she has been very meticulous in helping everyone feel supported. She takes tons of time out of her week to reach out to all of her staff members and families by constantly checking in, being present, and assisting with everyone's needs.  She truly understands the value of a team- she involves everyone in decision making- therapists, parents, and supervisors. Ariel has been a sponge when it comes to collaboration- relaying pertinent information, asking questions, and applying feedback in a detailed, well-thought out manner. It doesn't go unnoticed how seamlessly she has fit into our Valencia team!


Some fun facts about Ariel are…

  • In her free time she loves spending time with her animals.

  • She has horses, chickens, cats, and dogs!

  • She loves competing in Barrel Races with her horses. Barrel Racing is a timed rodeo sport that she competed in ever since she was little. She is still passionate about it today. 


What she loves about McRory: She loves the comradery! Within her new role as a Case Manager in the Valencia office, she had to learn quickly and adapt but has enjoyed every moment! She can appreciate the knowledge and guidance that fellow supervisors have shown her. She has constantly felt supported and has tried her best to reciprocate that support in any way she can. She loves her McRory Team! 



Tarzana's January Employee of the Month

Zoe Pontius-Courtney

Zoe is awesome and has been so helpful in the clinic - a true team player!


She's reliable and resourceful. She helps to problem solve department and clinic obstacles that might pop up; offering suggestions and willing to help out in any way that she can. Working her way through so many changes in providing services, Zoe has been open to taking on new challenges and always has engaging, creative treatment activities for her kiddos. She's fun, caring, kind and passionate- all characteristics of the McRory Spirit! 


Fun facts about Zoe are…

  • She loves arts & crafts, especially ceramics, watercolors, and calligraphy

  • She enjoys hiking, camping, and being outdoors

  • Her newest quarantine hobby is gardening, and she is looking forward to eating some homegrown veggies this summer


What Zoe likes most about working at McRory is the kids! She loves having the opportunity to play, laugh, and watch them become more independent.  She also likes being part of an interdisciplinary team in the Jump Start, Building Bridges, and ITS programs. Zoe believes there are so many opportunities to learn from others and continue developing her skills as a clinician. 



Valencia's  January Employee of the Month

Nathaniel Naces

Nate is a Behavior Case Manager who was nominated by one of his new hires.  “Transitioning from a job of 10 years to a new one is not an easy thing to do but Nate is encouraging and provides positive feedback which is important as a new employee”.


Nate is easy to approach without hesitation and he makes his team feel comfortable with any questions concerning clients.  His positive attitude is passed down to the people on his team. He gives positive reinforcement and inspires everyone to succeed in new settings and new environments. Nate answers all questions promptly and makes everyone feel welcomed and a part of the McRory Family. He truly makes his team want to continue to strive in succeeding at McRory.


Nate’s attitude is absolutely contagious. Whenever there is nervousness or uneasiness about collecting data, he is encouraging with his positivity and reassurance. Nate has been such an amazing Supervisor and has made all the difference to new employees transitioning into McRory!


Some fun facts about Nate are…

  • He Loves road trips! Quirky photo ops, randomly following signs that look like they lead to something/somewhere interesting or noticing something in the distance that needed to see more of.

  • Organizing clothes by color in his closet is his special skill J

  • He has always dreamed of being a flight attendant.

  • Cooking is his stress reliever. Yes, he loves to cook!

  • His dream vacation would be in Tuscany.



During his free time, he loves to spend it with his husband, either doing groceries or just exploring nearby towns with their fur babies. He also loves taking care of his plants at home. When the pandemic is over, he would love to resume volunteering in a cancer treatment center.


What he loves about working in McRory is the support he gets from his colleagues. The collaboration from different disciplines and mentorship that are unselfishly given to him to be more capable in understanding the dynamics and importance of providing the best support to our clients and families.